In Ka?mir ?aivism the world is described as being composed of four spheres (''') that contain a series of phenomenal elements (tattva). The four ' are described to appear by the means of internal abundance of Siva's divine powers. Outside the four is ?iva tattva which is the substrate and essential nature of all the other tattvas.

==== Projected by the absolute, '''' is the first step of creation. Also called the pure creation because at this level the divine nature of ?iva is not obscured, it manifests a state of diversity in unity. The divine powers (?akti) gradually descend from ?nanda ?akti (bliss) to Icch? ?akti (the power of will), J˝?na ?akti (the power of knowledge) and Kriy? ?akti (the power of action), at the same time creating the basis for the dual creation. At this stage tough, the duality is only "in concept" - there is no actual division or limitation yet. This '' contains ?akti tattva, Sad??iva tattva, I?vara tattva and ?uddha-vidy? tattva (all the pure tattvas except the first one, ?iva tattva).

==== The sphere of M?y? brings about the forgetting of the divine nature and purity that exists in ''''. The divine creation is covered with five limitations (ka˝cuka) that make the infinite, eternal, perfect in itself, all knowing and all powerful nature of God, as manifested first in the '', appear limited in space (Niyati tattva) and time (K?la tattva), incomplete (R?ga tattva), with limited knowledge (A?uddha-vidy? tattva) and power of action (Kal? tattva). This contains seven tattvas, from M?y? tattva to [[The 36 tattvas#puru.E1.B9.A3a|]].

==== '''''' describes the world as it is perceived from the common human level of consciousness. It contains the ?akti of the individual soul : [[The 36 tattvas#prak.E1.B9.9Biti tattva|]], the intellect (Buddhi tattva), the ego (Ahamk?ra tattva), the sensory mind (Manas tattva), the five sense organs (J˝?nendriya), the five organs of action (Karmendriya, the five subtle essences (Tanm?tra) and the last four physical elements (Mah?bhut?) : ?k??a tattva, V?yu tattva, Tejas tattva and Jala tattva.

==== '''''' is the terminal point of creation - the solid matter. There is only one tattva in this sphere: [[The 36 tattvas#p.E1.B9.9Bithv.C4.AB - earth|]]. This tattva has a special statute because it contains in essence all the other tattvas and is the home of [[Kundalini|]].

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