Aham (Kashmir Shaivism)

Aham, a concept of Kashmir Shaivism, is defined as the supreme heart '', transcendent Self, supreme I awareness or infinite consciousness. The space of Aham is where kechari mudra (free movement in the space of the heart) is realised. Kechari mudra'' is considered the supreme state of spiritual evolution.

Substrate of creation

When ?iva wants to create, the first step is said to be the creation of an interior space (the space of his heart) - a matrix of energies that will be the substrate of the new world. This place is called Aham which means "I" in Sanskrit. Thus the absolute first creates the divine person, Aham, and from this divine person will appear the manifestation itself.

Aham is identical to '' (the wheel of phonematic energies), essential nature of all categories from [[The_36_tattvas#p.E1.B9.9Bithv.C4.AB_-_earth|]] (earth) to [[The_36_tattvas#sad.C4.81.C5.9Biva|]],. Aham'' is the final resting place, dwelling place, abode of all beings, receptacle of the world.

Ultimate mantra

Another definition of Aham is that of primordial mantra, transcendental matra, the so called heart-b?ja (mantra of the heart) - force and power of consciousness. As the supreme mantra, Aham is closely related to matrav?rya (the potency of mantra). Thus the realization of Aham confers power over any mantra.

United form of Shiva and Shakti

In Aham, the supreme (para) aspect of ?akti is realized. Aham is the ?akti of ?iva or in other words, the expansion of ?iva. Another way of describing Aham is as the union of ?iva and ?akti, the emittive (visarga) aspect of the Supreme (anuttara).


Aham is formed of A+HA+M, a triad of ?hiva (A), ?akti (HA) and bindu (M). M is the final point, union of ?iva and ?akti, where they dissolve into Parama?iva. The triangle of A+HA+M is the essence of the Trika system. A+HA+M form the '''' (seed of emission), a mantra that is identical to the energy of expansion and creation.

Aham can also be defined as: A = abedha (non-differentiation), HA = bheda (differentiation) and M = bhed?bheda (differentiation cum non-differentiation).

Maha, the mirror image of Aham

On the other hand, MAHA, mirror image of AHAM, is formed of MA+HA+A, and represents the '' (seed of resorption) - the mantra that is identical to the process of spiritual evolution, or in other words resorption of the manifestation back into the absolute. In MAHA'', ?akti (HA) enters bindu (M) (the limited being) and reunites it with the Supreme (A).

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