Alberto Rey

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Alberto Rey (born November 12 1966) is a Belgian pornographic actor of Hispanic roots.

Alberto is best known for his appearances in Peter North's North Pole series. He is also known for his overly buff body. However in one of his most recent films, North Pole 60, he is noticeably flabbier than what his legions of fans are used to.

He plays the heroic protagonist in the second adult film parody of the Terminator-series, '' (1995), and co-stars as the prison guard who rapes Katja Kean in Pink Prison'' (1999), produced by Oscar-nominated director Lars von Trier.

He can also be recognized by his poor English, his famous glasses (see North Pole 51), and his short hair cut. A major stumbling block for Rey's English is his inability to distinguish between singular and plural, which is summed up in his famous line, "Look at that tits! F** * ......"

He is infamous for his ability to experience multiple orgasms, in that he is able to recommence masturbation immediately after ejaculation, reaching orgasm within another thirty seconds.

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