Antisexualism is a term that describes the views of someone who is antagonistic towards sexuality, or a movement against all forms of sexuality. People involved in, and proponents of, the movement may be described as "antisexual". In pre-modern times, antisexualism was usually expressed in religious terms, but it now also occurs as a secular social reform agenda. Most antisexual people believe that sexuality is a kind of addiction resulting in both physical and social effects, disrupts relationships, and causes people to lie and cheat to achieve the pleasure of sexual gratification. An antisexual person who refuses to have sex is considered a celibate or an antisexual celibate, and is not necessarily asexual. Some antisexual people believe sexuality to be the cause of many of the world's problems.

Reasons for antisexualism

The Antisexualist movement is a movement where people unite in groups to support each other, discuss and promote antisexualism as a way of life. Antisexuals are not necessarily asexual, but the reasons for their antisexuality are based on their reasoning or morals. A few of the claims some antisexuals make include:

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