Anuyoga (Skt. 'further yoga') is the designation of the second of the three Inner Tantras according to the ninefold division of practice used by the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism.

As with the other yanas, Anuyoga represents both a scriptural division as well as a specific emphasis of both view and practice. Anuyoga is said to emphasize the completion stage of Tantra, where the preceding division, Mahayoga emphasizes the generation stage.

Anuyoga is the middle category of the inner Tantras for the Nyingma school. This doxographical category, often called mdo (literally s?tra), is not to be confused with the non-Tantric category by the same name. It contains several works that designate themselves as s?tras, as well as the important text Compendium of the Buddhas' Intentionality ( sangs rgyas dgongs 'dus ). Although the mTshams brag edition of The Collected Tantras does not rigorously organize its texts according to sub-categories, the Anuyoga category can be further subdivided according to the following scheme:

  1. The four root sutras (Tibetan: ''rtsa ba'i rgyud bzhi'')
  2. The six tantras clarifying the six limits (Tibetan: ''sangs rgyas dgongs 'dus'')
  3. The twelve rare tantras (Tibetan: dkon rgyud)
  4. Miscellaneous


Anu-yoga Tantra-s in the Collected Tantra-s of the Ancients

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