Asiaphile is a term that can be used in the pejorative or non-pejorative sense as a label for a person who has an Asian fetish or an abnormal obsession for all things Asian.

Pejorative usage of the term in the media

Phoebe Eng uses the term to describe men who are willing to violate social norms for their obsession.

Sheridan Prasso calls a website an "Asiaphile Homepage" that is part of the "proliferation" of sites on the internet that caters to the stereotypes that people have towards Asian females.

In a collection of writings from Asian-American females, "YELL-Oh Girls!", Meggy Wang calls a man "Mr. Asiaphile". "Mr. Asiaphile" is described as a man who runs a site that he uses to justify his Asian fetish. Meggy Wang goes on to critique this man's Asian fetish by writing the following:

Non-Pejorative usage of the term in the media

Edwin C. called himself an "Asiaphile", partly because of his great interest in Japanese miniature carvings. Ronald Lake uses the term as a label for people who invests mainly in Asian financial products.

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