Bar fine

A bar fine (sometimes written as "barfine"), bar fee, or (in engrish) paybar, is the payment made by customer to the operators of a bar (particularly hostess bars or go-go bars) that allows a dancer or hostess or some other employee of that bar to stop work early, usually in order to accompany the customer outside the bar.

This is common in transactions involving prostitution. It is widely practiced in South-east Asian countries such as Thailand and the Philippines. It is also a standard feature of dockside nightclubs in South Africa that cater to foreign seamen. Depending on local customs, the bar fine may or may not cover any additional services that may be rendered.

Legal status

In most countries where bar fine prostitution is common, it is technically illegal but widely tolerated.

In respect of American soldiers, the purchase of a bar fine has been prohibited by the Uniform Code of Military Justice, making it an offense considered equal to buying the services of a prostitute.

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