Beautiful Agony

Beautiful Agony is an erotic website featuring head shots of user-submitted videos showing the participant having orgasms, without providing any visual description of what technique is being used or revealing anything below the neck and upper chest. Both men and women are featured on the site.

In 2003 Richard Lawrence and Lauren Olney created the initial video series. In 2004 was established as a commercial website. The site is owned and operated by Feck Pty Ltd in Melbourne.

The slogan "Beautiful Agony" is in reference to the French expression "Facettes de la Petite Mort" (Facets of the Little Death) due to the facial gestures and sounds that a person makes when experiencing orgasm.

Although the majority of clips on the site involve masturbation, a limited number of clips also show participants achieving orgasm through (off-screen) oral sex and, in a few cases, sexual intercourse (although the partner does not appear on camera).

Most contributions include a separate short film called a "confession" of the individual discussing their views on sexuality and sharing descriptions of their sexual experiences. The "confessions" are typically set in a public place with the fully dressed subject responds to questions by an off camera interviewer who often can not be heard. The site also includes a third series of clips categorized as "Overkill" which include return appearances by past participants, extended "confessions", and clips that do not conform to the site's mandate, such as clips that more clearly show intercourse taking place (although these clips still do not contain nudity). Several Overkill clips posted in the spring of 2007 were shot for the British sexually oriented travelogue series Sin Cities and show host Ashley Hames was shown interviewing one of the female participants (Hames taped his own Beautiful Agony session which was included in the main section of the site).

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The band The Sun used Beautiful Agony's clips to make the music video for the song Romantic Death.

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