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Black Lace is an imprint of Virgin Books that specializes in erotica and erotic romance written by female authors specifically for female readers; the imprint does not publish novels written by men partly as a marketing scheme, partly to better appeal to their target demographic. The books explore women's sexuality as well as such themes as BDSM, group sex and bisexuality. The imprint began publishing in 1993, has published over 250 titles and sold over three million books. Recently some of the older novels have been reprinted under a new imprint from Virgin Books, Cheek.

Partial list of books

List of Black Lace Books
Title Author Year
Odalisque Fleur Reynolds 1994
The Ninety Days of Genevieve Lucinda Carrington 1995
Moon of Desire Sophia Danson 1995
Gemini Heat Portia Da Costa 1995
Cassandra's Conflict Fredrica Alleyn 1995
Virtuoso Katrina Vincenzi-Thyne 1995
River of Secrets Saskia Hope 1995
Path of the Tiger Cleo Cordell 1995
Summer of Enlightenment Cheryl Mildenhall 1995
Silken Cage Sophie Danson 1995
Gift of Shame Sarah Hope-Walker 1995
Wicked Work Pamela Kyle 1995
Lure of Satyria Cheryl Mildenhall 1995
Healing Passion Sylvie Ouellette 1995
Crash Course Juliet Hastings 1995
Private Collection Sarah Fisher 1995
Conquered Fleur Reynolds 1995
Led on by Compulsion Leila James 1995
Opal Darkness Cleo Cordell 1995
The Devil Inside Portia Da Costa 1995
Bracelet Fredrica Alleyn 1996
Gold Fever Louisa Francis 1996
Eye of the Storm Georgina Brown 1996
Sense of Entitlement Cheryl Mildenhall 1996
Mistress Vivienne La Fay 1996
Aria Appassionata Juliet Hastings 1996
House of Gabriel Rafaella 1996
Dreamers in Time Sarah Copeland 1996
Jewel of Xanadu Roxanne Carr 1996
Gothic Blue Portia Da Costa 1996
Rude Awakening Pamela Kyle 1996
Big Class Angel Strand 1996
Forbidden Crusade Juliet Hastings 1996
King's Girl Sylvie Ouellette 1996
Houseshare Pat O'Brien 1996
To Take A Queen Jan Smith 1996
Dance of Obsession Olivia Christie 1996
Runners and Riders Georgina Brown 1996
Passion Flowers Celia Parker 1996
Lord Wraxall's Fancy Anna Lieff Saxby 1996
Odyssey Katrina Vincenzi-Thyme 1997
Continuum Portia Da Costa 1997
Actress Vivienne La Fay 1997
Nadya's Quest Lisette Allen 1997
Desire Under Capricorn Louisa Francis 1997
Pulling Power Cheryl Mildenhall 1997
Hand of Amun Juliet Hastings 1997
Silken Chains Jodi Nicol 1997
Gallery Fredrica Alleyn 1997
Avenging Angels Roxanne Carr 1997
Palazzo Jan Smith 1997
Jasmine Blossoms Sylvie Ouellette 1997
Country Matters Tesni Morgan 1997
Volcanic Affair Xantha Rhodes 1997
The Name of an Angel Laura Thornton 1997
Ginger Root Robyn Russell 1997
The Lion Lover Mercedes Kelly 1997
Silent Seduction Tanya Bishop 1997
Lake of Lost Love Mercedes Kelly 1998
Contest of Wills Louisa Francis 1998
Menage Emma Holly 1998
Feminine Wiles Karina Moore 1998
Act of Love Ella Broussard 1998
Cooking Up a Storm Emma Holly 1998
Dramatic Affairs Fredrica Alleyn 1998
Dark Obsession Fredrica Alleyn 1998
Searching for Venus Ella Broussard 1998
Undercover Secrets Zoe Le Verdier 1998
Hostage to Fantasy Louisa Francis 1998
Forbidden Fruit Susie Raymond 1998
Seven Year List Zoe Le Verdier 1998
Risky Business Lisette Allen 1998
Private View Crystalle Valentisno 1999
Transformation Natasha Rostova 1999
Top of Her Game Emma Holly 1999
Raw Silk Lisabet Sarai 1999
Haunted Laura Thornton 1999
Insomnia Zoe Le Verdier 1999
Taking Liberties Susie Raymond 1999
Asking for Trouble Kristina Lloyd 1999
Like Mother, Like Daughter Georgina Brown 1999
In the Dark Zoe Le Verdier 1999
Velvet Glove Emma Holly 1999
Mixed Doubles Zoe Le Verdier 1999
Village of Secrets Mercedes Kelly 1999
Packing Heat Karina Moore 1999
Confessional Judith Roycroft 1999
Stripped to the Bone Jasmine Stone 2000
Intense Blue Lyn Wood 2000
In the Flesh Emma Holly 2000
Primal Skin Leona Benkt Rhys 2000
Animal Passions Martine Marquand 2000
Sporting Chance Susie Raymond 2000
Naked Flame Crystalle Valentino 2000
On the Edge Laura Hamilton 2000
Shameless Stella Black 2000
Fire and Ice Laura Hamilton 2000
Hard Corps Claire Thompson 2000
Wild Kingdom Deanna Ashford 2000
Hottest Place Tabitha Flyte 2000
Earthly Delights Tensi Morgan 2000
Sauce for the Goose Mary Rose Maxwell 2000 Helena Ravenscroft 2001
Two Weeks in Tangier Annabel Lee 2001
Up to No Good Karen S. Smith 2001
A Secret Place Ella Broussard 2001
Stella Does Hollywood Stella Black 2001
Man Hunt Cathleen Ross 2001
The Captive Flesh Cleo Cordell 2002
Shadowplay Portia Da Costa 2002
Handmaiden of Palmyra Fleur Reynolds 2002
Stallion Georgina Brown 2002
Odalisque Fleur Reynolds 2002
Captivation Natasha Rostova 2002
Release Me Suki Cunningham 2002
Juliet Rising Cleo Cordell 2002
Intimate Eye Georgia Angelis 2002
The Wicked Stepdaughter Wendy Harris 2003
Evil's Niece Melissa MacNeal 2003
Drawn Together Robyn Russell 2003
Valentina's Rules Monica Belle 2003
The Tutor Portia Da Costa 2003
Liberty Hall Kate Stewart 2003
Ace of Hearts Lisette Allen 2003
Unknown Territory Rosamund Trench 2003
Fighting Over You Laura Hamilton 2003
Driven by Desire Savannah Smythe 2003
The Reluctant Princess Patty Glenn 2003
Country Pleasures Primula Bond 2003
Wild in the Country Monica Belle 2003
Sexual Strategy Felice de Vere 2003
Artistic License Vivienne Lafay 2003
Something About Workmen Alison Tyler 2003
The Name of an Angel Laura Thornton 2003
Hard Blue Midnight Alaine Hood 2003
Always the Bridegroom Tesni Morgan 2004
Coming Round the Mountain Tabitha Flyte 2004
Going Deep Kimberly Dean 2004
Switching Hands Alaine Hood 2004
Bedding the Burglar Gabrielle Marcola 2004
Doctor's Orders Deanna Ashford 2004
Hot Gossip Savannah Smythe 2004
Black Lipstick Kisses Monica Belle 2004
Mixed Signals Anna Clare 2004
Club Crème Primula Bond 2004
Bonded Fleur Reynolds 2004
Eden's Flesh Robyn Russell 2004
Up to No Good Karen S. Smith 2004
Wild By Nature Monica Belle 2004
La Basquaise Angel Strand 2004
White Rose Ensnared Juliet Hastings 2004
Nicole's Revenge Lisette Allen 2005
Undressing the Devil Angel Strand 2005
French Manners Olivia Christie 2005
Barbarian Geisha Charlotte Royal 2005
The Stranger Portia Da Costa 2005
Tongue in Cheek Tabitha Flyte 2005
Cruel Enchantment Janine Ashbless 2005
Elana's Destiny Lisette Allen 2005
Mad About the Boy Mathilde Madden 2005
Make You a Man Anna Clare 2005
The Pride Edie Bingham 2005
Passion of Isis Madelynne Ellis 2005
Power Game Carrera Devonshire 2005
Pagan Heat Monica Belle 2005
Village of Secrets Mercedes Kelly 2005
Sleazy Rider Karen S. Smith 2005
Campaign Heat Gabrielle Marcola 2005
Office Perks Monica Belle 2005
Peep Show Mathilde Madden 2005
Elana's Conquest Lisette Allen 2006
Angel's Share Maya Hess 2006
Barbarian Prize Deanna Ashford 2006
Cat Scratch Fever Sophie Mouette 2006
Bound in Blue Monica Belle 2006
Entertaining Mr Stone Portia Da Costa 2006
Circus Excite Nikki Magennis 2006
Wild Card Madeline Moore 2006
In Pursuit of Anna Natasha Rostova 2006
The Dance of Obsession Olivia Christie 2006
The Private Undoing of a Public Servant Leoni Martell 2006
Equal Opportunities Mathilde Madden 2006
Dark Designs Madelynne Ellis 2006
The Society of Sin Sian Lacey Taylder 2007
The Boss Monica Belle 2007
Wing of Madness Mae Nixon 2007

Black Lace also periodically publishes compilations of short stories under the name Wicked Words some of which are excerpts from the longer novels.

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