Boi (gender)

Boi (plural: bois) is a term used within the lesbian community to denote a submissive butch in the BDSM community and a young butch in the butch-femme community. It is also used as a term of endearment for butches by femmes. It may also be used in the gay community to refer to a young-appearing (or relatively young) bisexual or gay male, especially one who has effeminate characteristics. The term can also be used by anyone who wishes to distinguish from heterosexual or heteronormative identities. The term is commonly used by those who are female to male transgendered as well.

It may also refer to a female-born or female-bodied person—sometimes transsexual, transgendered, or intersexed, sometimes not—that generally does not identify as, or only partially identifies as feminine, female, a girl, or a woman. Some "bois" identify as one or more of these, but they almost always identify as lesbians, dykes, or queers. Many are also genderqueer or practice genderfuck. Bois may prefer a range of pronouns, including "he", "she", or gender-neutral pronouns such as "hir", "sie", "zie", and "ey". The term has found increasing usage in the larger LGBT culture.

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