Breast expansion fetishism

Breast expansion fetishism is a context used within the genre of fantasy fiction comics to illustrate an erotic power in the processes of breast expansion and enlargement.


Breast expansion fetishism sexualizes the processes of enlarging breasts, whether by age, pregnancy, weight gain or surgery. The entertainment industries in Japan and the USA, the internet, pornography, and particularly adult comics (and the related comic conventions) provides the medium and arena in which this fetishization is communicated and produced.

The fictional stories of expanding breasts created by the American author Wilson Barber have been occasionally published in men's magazines in the USA since 1986, with titles such as; "Mind Over Mammaries" 1990, and "Videodrain" published in Bust Out! 1993; both titles cover fat attraction- the fetish of proportion and the human body which is the primary inspiration for Barber.

The common themes within the fantasy fiction of comics and anime include: womens' busts being enlarged by air, water, food, magic, medicine, alien technology or some other unseen force. The "Experiment 45-EEE" produced in 1997 by graphic artists Kris Overstreet and John Barrett introduced a character "The Magnificent Milkmaid" to the comics of White Lightning Productions in response to the breast expansion artwork published in Japanese hentai manga comics (see Ayashi no Ceres). The story of the "Magnificent Milkmaid" is of a female character designed by a "bored mad scientist" to experience "both breast expansion and lactation on a regular basis".

Recently, the availability of cheap graphics and animation software has influenced a trend for the production of "morphing" images. These images or animations created from artwork describe the visual transformation of breasts from one state to another.

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