Carol Queen

Carol Queen PhD is an American author, editor, sociologist and sexologist active in the sex-positive feminist movement. Queen writes commentary, academic history, how to, essays, analyses, and erotica, including '', and the novel The Leather Daddy and the Femme''. She has produced articles, essays, books, movies, events and speaking appearances worldwide. Some of her work has been translated into German, Japanese, Chinese and Dutch. She has also served as editor for many compilations and anthologies on human sexuality.

In 1975, Queen helped to found GAYouth, one of the first youth organizations for gays and lesbians, in Eugene, Oregon. In 2004, Queen, with partner Dr. Robert Lawrence, started the Center for Sex and Culture to "provide non-judgmental, sex-positive sexuality education and support to diverse populations by means of classes, workshops, social gatherings, and hands-on, practical skills-building events."

Queen also serves as staff sexologist to Good Vibrations, the San Francisco sex toy retailer. She was featured as an instructor and star in both installments of the Bend Over Boyfriend series about female-to-male anal sex, or pegging.

Queen began her higher education in 1974 at age 16 at the University of Oregon Honors College. She graduated Cum Laude from the Sociology department of University of Oregon (Phi Beta Kappa) in 1985. In 1998 Dr. Queen received her PhD in Human Sexuality with her dissertation on female exhibitionism for the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

She maintains a large non-profit research library and archive of sexually related material that was established and named in 1994 by forming a nascent non-profit (inspired by Dr. Betty Dodson) called The Center for Sex and Culture. Around that time she started appearing nationally in the Americas and internationally in Canada, China and Britain and Sweden.

Queen is part of a group of writers and educators who arose from the intersection of the Lusty Lady Theater and Good Vibrations during the beginning of the dot com buildup in San Francisco. This group includes Lily Burana, Fetish Diva Midori, Lisa Palac and Greta Christina and has been followed by many more. At that same time she was involved with the Coalition for Healthy Sex, a San Francisco based safer sex outreach structure that worked with the City of San Francisco to decrease HIV and disease exposure in sex clubs. This group included Chuck Frutchey, Buzz Bense and Dr. Jerry Zientara. Queen also serves as staff sexologist to Good Vibrations, the San Francisco sex toy retailer. In this function, she designed an education program which has trained many other current and past Good Vibrations based sex educators, including Violet Blue, Dr. Charlie Glickman and Staci Haines. Dr. Queen is perhaps best known for her advocacy of professional level quality sex education. She has directly educated tens of thousands of adults using programs concepts and seminars which have been copied widely. Next to Nina Hartley she is perhaps the most widely copied post modern feminist sex educator in the United States. Her message and educational structure and business models have reached tens of millions of people via international magazine interviews, television appearances, events, movies and her books.

Dr. Queen is also known also a professional editor, writer and commentator whose works such as '', Pomosexuals, and Exhibitionism for the Shy'' are used in both university and clinical settings. She has written for juried journals and compendiums such as The Journal of Bisexuality and The International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality. She is an expert witness in sexuality and professional consultant to academic, political and commercial industries.

Her current blog resides at It was initiated online in 1996 at an older un-archived version of Spectator as The Royal Treatment and is significant as an early transitional (from paper to internet) regular online commentary about sex and society. In 2001 she was a Grand Marshal of San Francisco Pride.





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