Childhood gender nonconformity

Childhood gender nonconformity or CGN is pronounced behavior of the opposite gender in children.

In biologically male people

A few researchers see CGN as a major developmental milestone that consistently shows a positive correlation of a divergent sexual path between heterosexual and gay males. CGN can be noticed in children as early as 18 months of age and is even found in identical twins.

On average, a number of gay males remember exhibiting childhood gender atypical behaviors such as having little interest in athletics and playing with dolls. Many studies have also demonstrated a convergent recollection of CGN by mothers of gay males than heterosexual mothers.

In politics and media

A critical resort by some liberal and gay activists in the early 1970s, to promote contemporary representation of same-sex sexual desire in positive images led to a gradual embrace of the mainstream physical physique and attributes of a male persona. However, the end result of mainstream representation politics, coupled with the abusive taunts hauled towards a gender atypical child, many researchers see the potential of CGN adult males having mild dissatisfaction with their bodies or male physique.

On August 27, 2006, CBS News 60 Minutes aired a report on childhood gender nonconformity.

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