Chubby chaser

Chubby chaser is a term that refers to a person who is attracted to an overweight sexual partner. There is a related chubby culture and chaser term among gay men.

In heterosexual relationships, a man who prefers an overweight female sexual partner may be referred to as a Fat Admirer (FA), and the woman he is attracted to may be referred to as a Big Beautiful Woman (BBW). A woman who prefers an overweight male partner is termed a Female Fat Admirer (FFA) to differentiate her from the male FA, and the man to whom she is attracted is termed a Big Handsome Man (BHM). These terms are used commonly on the Internet but are uncommon in colloquial conversation.

A related fetish is feederism, wherein one partner engages in a "feeder" role with a "feedee". The feeder takes pleasure in contributing to the feedee's obesity and in some cases, is aroused by observing his or her weight gain. Material on the Internet would suggest that feederism is more common in heterosexual men, i.e. male feeder/female feedee relationships, however, no statistical research has been done, and it may be that male feeders are merely a more vocal Internet community.

In human culture

In some traditional cultures, fat women are considered sexually attractive because it means their tribe is not in danger of famine. Most notably in some of the traditional cultures of Polynesia and Africa, fat women are considered the most desirable.

In popular culture

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