Chuluaqui Quodoushka (CHOO-la-kway Kwuh-DOE-shka) is a set of New Age teachings on sex which are claimed by Harley Reagan to be handed down from a variety of ancient cultures such as the Olmecs, the Mayans, and the Toltec. Given Reagan's history of false claims, and the response of traditional peoples to his claims, it seems far more likely that Chuluaqui Quodoushka is only the creation of Harley Reagan. Reagan runs "Sacred Sex Workshops" offering to teach this "ancient wisdom". The Cherokee Nation, supposedly the original source of Reagan's Chuluaqui Quodoushka teachings, disavows it entirely and disputes Reagan's claims to be half-Cherokee. After being denounced by the Cherokee Nation, Reagan changed his backstory and now claims the teachings come from a variety of cultures.

The (CHOO-la-kway Kwuh-DOE-shka) (Also known as the "Q" to its adherents) sexual rites of passage are claimed by Reagan and his followers to be the foundation of the spiritual practices of the Olmecs, Mayans and some secret societies within the Cherokee Nation. However, this claim is not supported by any of the actual traditional teachers of the cultures in question. As a child moves into adulthood, rites of passage have been part of most indigenous peoples' traditions. Many believe that rite of passage ceremonies ensured a secure and stable society, and that honor was given to the individual undergoing the passage from childhood to adulthood (seen by some cultures as taking place when females begin to menstruate and males begin to ejaculate). However, Reagan's particular take on what these ceremonies were, and should be now, stands in stark contrast to the teachings of the cultures he claims to represent.

According to Reagan and his followers, Chuluaqui Quodoushka can be used to awaken a practitioner's "natural self", for healing of fear and shame, to eliminate repression and to transform one into ones "magickal self". Proponents claim that it will aid in living in a "balanced" and "sensuous" way, allow one to give emotionally and to catalyze the "sexual soul." Chuluaqui Quodoushka teachings and guided exercises, rituals and ceremonies are credited by believers with allowing the person to improve relationships, both with themselves and with others, and with allowing one to reach higher levels of orgasm and sexual ecstasy, as well as to balance one's "feminine and masculine sides" and gain knowledge of genital anatomy shapes. They teach that there are seven different types of genital anatomy.


In the workshops a woman's genitalia are called "Tupuli", supposedly a Cherokee term for "sacred black hole of creation" and a man's genitalia are known as "Tipilli" also claimed by Reagan to be a Cherokee term meaning "like a tipi pole". However, according to Durbin Feeling, who is a linguistic specialist for the Cherokee Nation, there are no such words in the Cherokee language, and Cherokee do not and never have lived in tipis. In fact, the word "tipili" applied to genitals is likely taken from Gary Jennings' novel Aztec. Feeling said the word Chu-Lua-Qui is a word that refers to Cherokee people; he said the closest translation he could find for Quodoushka is "(a)qwv-tol u- ska" a graphic term for a male sexual organ that has nothing to do with Cherokee spirituality. "It's pretty ugly. I don't know if he (Harley Reagan) realizes what it means." Feeling added as an afterthought, "He probably does know what it means."



Many critics make the following claims.

What it is

Much of this allegedly Native American practice refers to one or more of the Chakras, which is an East Indian term. Demonstrations include male and female masturbation techniques and close up examinations to show differences in the shapes of genitalia. Many of the masturbation techniques have been taken from the book Erotic Massage by Kenneth Ray Stubbs. This is acknowledged in the Chuluaqui-Quodoushka course manual. The same techniques can be found on a multitude of web sites devoted to self-pleasure. Usually the techniques have been reworded to make them sound like they are more mystical than they really are. For example: "Use plenty of Lube" has been replaced by "anoint with oil."

Other lessons deal with "Personal Sexual Magick Ceremonies", "Lovers's Mask Healing Ceremonies" and "Tribal Wisdom". During the Chuluaqui-Quodoushka actual sexual intercourse does take place as part of the classes but only in the "most advanced" level.

Sample From a Lesson

This is taken from the last page of the "Personal Sexual Magick Ceremony"

'''"NEXT... Begin to make love, taking all the time you need to merge and build the energies. Use the mutual heart pleasuring exercise: bring yourselves almost to orgasm three times, focusing the energies on your hearts. Then the fourth time allow the orgasm. During orgasm, see yourself having actualized your request(s) and focus on this during entire orgasm. When orgasm is complete, release the image and do not think of it again.

'''NOW... Put your fluids in the chalice/cup. Using your fingers, take some of fluid and make a star on the triangle. Allow what is left of the three long red candles to burn down. Burn the triangle with the flame from the yellow spirit candle. Add the ashes to the chalice/cup. Take the sacred mixture to a tree and give it away and ask to let it be done."

It then continues on about repeating the ceremony in 28 days and if your wishes are still not granted, let them go.

Those in favour

One of the biggest fans of the "Q" is Porn Star Porsche Lynn. She has become a devoted follower of Harley Reagan and has a lot of praise for the "Q" workshops. Many of the clients of this sex workshop have high praise for it. On the Internet it is very easy to find a lot of people who claim to have benefitted from it. Obviously too, the workshops do continue to sell. Whether or not this due to new people just finding out, or due to a number of repeat clients is impossible to know.

In the Movies

A movie called Quodoushka, Native American Love Techniques (or Quodoushka) came out in 1991 distributed by Vivid Video and starring such hard-core porn actresses as Ashley Nicole, Heather Hart, Hyapatia Lee, Madison. Porn star, Hyapatia Lee was a student of Harley Reagan.


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