Clothed male, naked female

CMNF, or Clothed Male(s), Naked (or Nude) Female(s) is a term for a paraphilia involving one or more nude women and one or more clothed men. It is generally used as a label for pictorial erotica or pornography, or a sexual fantasy depicting such a scenario; however, CMNF gatherings of men and women interested in this type of erotic pursuit do occur as well. CMNF is also a type of sexual objectification of women by men.

The general category of "CMNF" is fairly broad, encompassing several different types of scenario. The most common subdivisions of the genre involve either an activity under the rubric of male domination, exhibitionism or entertainment; combination of all categories is somewhat rare, although several web sites cater to the subgenres separately.

Also striptease is a form of CMNF since the vast majority of visitors to strip clubs is male, whereas the strippers are female.

The stereotype of the damsel in distress was also portrayed in the 19th century as an CMNF scenario: the powerful knight in his armour comes to rescue the naked, helpless female.

One-sided nudity in art is a topic that has been popular for a long time; e.g. many 19th century paintings of slavery and odalisques depict nude women, fulfilling voyeuristic phantasies of mostly male audiences.

The topic of one-sided female nudity is featured in the book "Topping from Below" by Laura Reese. The journalist Nora Tibbs investigates the death of her sister Franny. She meets the boy-friend of Franny, "M.", a music professor, and becomes his new girl-friend. He forces her to be nude all the time when she is in his house. Her one-sided nudity is one of many tokens of her submission to him.

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