Core marriage

A "core marriage" (sometimes referred to as a "peer marriage" or a "non-pecuniary marriage") is a form of interpersonal status in which two individuals share in the cultural and/or religious rights, benefits and obligations of marriage pertaining to family and fidelity, but not pertaining to financial matters. Unlike some other forms of marriage, in a "core marriage" neither party holds or earns "community property" (in jurisdictions applying such principle), owes obligations of financial support to the other (unless otherwise agreed to by the couple), or is responsible for the debts and liabilities of the other.

A "core marriage" may be particularly attractive to media, medical, legal or business professionals or entrepreneurs who do not wish to expose, or be exposed by, their partners to the uncontrolled or uninsurable liability incident to such professions. Other benefits identified with a "core marriage" include avoidance of the so-called "marriage penalty" under United States federal tax law (by achieving "single" filing status with the IRS), enhanced privacy, and increased financial flexibility.

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