David Oliver Cauldwell

David Oliver Cauldwell, MD & Sc.D, (17 June 1897 – 30 August 1959) was a prolific and pioneering sexologist, who has been claimed to have coined the term "transsexual" (though there is a prior claim for Hirschfeld), and many of whose monographs on sex, psychology, or health were published by Emanuel Haldeman-Julius in such forms as Little Blue Books.

Cauldwell was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the son of a surgeon. Cauldwell reports himself as from childhood having had a special interest in sexual anatomy. He studied medicine at the Chester College of Medicine and Surgery (later merged with Loyola University Chicago) and at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. After several years as a private general practitioner, Cauldwell became an Associate Medical Officer of the Department of War, and as a contract surgeon for the Army, and became a neuro-psychiatrist for the Department of War. In 1945, Cauldwell ended active practice to become a writer on topics of health, notably sexology.

Cauldwell and transsexualism

Although the German term "Transsexualismus" was introduced by Hirschfeld in 1923, Cauldwell appears to be the first to use the term in direct reference to those who desired a change of physiological sex.

Cauldwell distinguished "biological sex" from "psychological sex", and saw the latter as determined by social conditioning. He denied that there were modes of thinking intrinsically linked to male or female biology. Primarily because of this view of gender as plastic, and secondarily because of the limitations of medical science, he regarded sex reassignment surgery as an unacceptable response to transsexualism, and instead advocated that it be treated as a mental disorder (though he advocated acceptance of homosexualism and of transvestism).


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