Delia Day

Delia Day was the pseudonym of Susan Anton, an artist, weblogger, and self-described sex slave who lived in Mississippi with her husband Travis. They were married for ten years and practiced what many would consider a hardcore BDSM lifestyle, with extensive body modification - permanent and temporary - a major part of their play together. The two also had children - a son who was Travis's by a previous marriage and a son and daughter from their marriage - who were kept shielded from their lifestyle by staying at boarding school for most of the week.

Delia became well known online for the frank weblog and explicit photographs on her website. She attracted a number of fans, who saw her as very happy in her relationship with Travis, who was a software developer, and who she referred to as her owner. In late 2003, he purchased a shotgun for her to keep in their house for self defense purposes; she wrote in her LiveJournal about practicing with the gun in their backyard. But in the early morning hours of 2 December 2003, she shot him in the chest and was subsequently acquitted of murder based on the jury's view of her lifestyle. The ruling was self-defense.

Much speculation occurred online about what had happened between Travis and Susan Anton that resulted in her killing him. Some felt that she was not as happy as she had appeared, others thought it was an accident, and theories flew wildly. For her part, Delia Day dropped off the internet. She has not been heard from since a LiveJournal posting just hours before the incident, and many continue to wonder what became of her.

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