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Dick Nasty (real name Richard Sheed) (born October 31, 1956, London) is an English porn actor. Up until the 1980's Richard Sheed ran a marginally successful property development company in London. However, as he got increasingly dragged into the seedy world of the Soho porn industry, he let his business and his family life fall into ruin. He was married with 2 children at the time. By the 1990's Richard Sheed had become his alter-ego "Dick Nasty", and was now fully immersed in the UK porn scene, trying his hand at being an agent for young dancers and models trying to make some extra money thorugh porn. Dick eventually decided that if he wanted to succeed in the porn buisness that he had to be where the money is, so he moved ot LA, and quickly entered into an arranged marriage with one of his ex-models, which enabled him to get a green card. Dick then set up "Nasty Models" and began importing young english girls to work in the LA porn industry.

Dick is a middle-aged man with grey-blond cranial and body hair. He is a heterosexual pornographic actor, but has partaken in many group sex scenes with men and performed acts that could easily be seen as homosexual in nature. In his private life he is believed to be heterosexual.

His pornographic name derives from his willingness to partake in controversial acts such as swallowing his own semen, allowing female porn stars to use strap on dildos up his anus, as he did with Shelby Star in Boss Bitches 2 and masochism. It was an early director of his that gave him the name "Nasty". THe incident involved Dick ejaculating on an actresses face, and then kising the actress afterwards. The directer said that he was "so nasty", and the name stuck. He is known to have certain proclivities, such as a preference for large women. He also likes to anally penetrate women and be penetrated by them in return, especially with sex toys such as strap on dildos. Dick's favorite move is the 'Orange County Shuffle'.

At the 2006 AVN Awards, he was nominated twice for Best Oral Sex Scene (Video).

Nasty Models

Dick Nasty runs his talent agency Nasty Models out of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. Despite being based on the West Coast of the USA, Nasty has tried to make a niche for himself by importing English girls to star in low budget amateur productions, in particular backstreet bukkake and low budget motel gangbangs. However, because of Dick's failure to break into the big time within the LA porn circus, most of the girls have complained about being left penniless and destitute. Many of his former clients (for instance Angela Stone and Aussie Amber) have spoke of their treatment, going as far as claiming that the agency is merely a front for Dick Nasty to sleep with attractive young girls. Dick brings the girls over from Europe, often forcing them to pay for their own ticket, then charges them $100 per week for a room, while getting them scant work to pay for the costs of living. Famously in 2001, two of his former models took the law into their own hands and stole a large amount of cash, a camcorder and a camera from his house in order to make up for Dick's scams and failure to properly represent them. Dick emailed and complained about the incident to internet porn impressario Luke Ford, and after posting his email on the site, Dick got inundated with hate-mail from former clients and models, forcing him to change his email address.

Dick Nasty's failure to be taken seriously by the major production studios in LA has meant that Nasty Model's clients are often forced to work in the exploitative low-life/low-budget end of the industy. For instance, Dick Nasty has been one of the main agents for likes of Max Hardcore and Anabolic Video both of whom are notorious for the violent, abusive and harsh nature of their productions. These productions tend to star younger girls who are new to the industry as no serious established actress or self-respecting agent would ever work with them.

"Hardcore" Documentary

Richard Sheed is a primary focus of the 2001 Channel 4 documentary about the abuses and extremes of the hardcore pornography industry. In addition to personally starring and producing hardcore pornography, he is also a "talent" scout who lures young girls into the industry with promises of money and celebrity. In this documentary he was seen enticing a young English girl, Felicity, into a scene with notorious FBI target Max Hardcore, known for his abuse of young actresses. Richard is seen standing by laughing and applauding as Felicity is brutally abused by Max, brought to tears, and eventually rescued from rape by the documentary film crew who did not want to be accomplices to a rape.

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