Document 12-571-3570

Document 12-571-3570 (also entitled NASA No. 12 571-3570) is a fictional document contrived by astronomer and scientific writer Pierre Kohler about the sex experiments in space attributed to NASA. According to Kohler's book The Final Mission astronauts aboard a space shuttle flight in 1996 performed a variety of sex acts during the STS-75 mission to determine which positions are most effective in zero gravity. Citing the 12-571-3570 document, Kohler reported that of the 10 positions tested, six required the use of a belt and an inflatable tunnel, while four were contingent on hanging on. Kohler also said the certain couple apparently agreed to filming of the 10, one-hour sessions in the lower deck of the shuttle, and that they added their own personal footnotes to help scientists.

NASA's director of media services Brian Welch dubbed the document as a "fairly well-known 'urban legend'"Last Days - Last Days - The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper. The Document's descriptions of heterosexual sex were further damaging to Kohler's claims in light of the absence of females aboard STS-75. Kohler conceded that astronauts are also mute on the subject of human sex in orbit, even if they have conducted reproduction research on South African frogs and Japanese fishThe 100,000-Mile-High Club.


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