Domestic partnership in Tasmania

The Australian state of Tasmania does not recognize same-sex marriage. However, the Relationships Act 2003 provides for recognition and registration of a type of domestic partnership in two distinct categories--Significant Relationships and Caring Relationships - Which amended 73 pieces of legislation . These relationships do not confer all the rights and benefits of marriage under Commonwealth law under the Marriage Act 1961.

Significant relationships

From 1 January 2004, both same-sex and mixed-sex couples can register a Significant Relationship if both are unrelated, unmarried adults living in Tasmania. As of today, 140 opposite-sex and same-sex couples had registered, and three male same-sex couples unregistered.

Caring relationships

Likewise, two adults residing in Tasmania, related or not, can register a Caring Relationship if one provides the other with domestic support and personal care. The parties cannot be married to each other, cannot be in an existing significant or caring relationship, and neither can be receiving payment for the care of the other either from employment or government departments.

Rights and benefits

Both types of relationships provide some rights in the following areas:

Adoption and parenting

Same-sex couples cannot be assessed to be adoptive parents of children relinquished by other people. However, they may adopt their partner's child or children they already care for.

Same-sex partners of women who give birth to children conceived through sperm donation, IVF or other artificial reproductive technology will not be presumed to be the child's other parent. It is possible, however, for a birth-mother's same-sex partner to adopt any children she has through fertility treatment.

Recognition from other jurisdictions of Australia

The following jurisdictions will soon recognise Tasmanian registered relationships:

The Commonwealth (federal government) does not officially recognise Tasmanian registered relationships.

Foreign recognition

Foreign recognition of registered Tasmanian relationships Note: It does not recognise same-sex marriages at all


Applications for Significant or Caring Relationships can be registered in person or by mail by filing an application for a Deed of Relationship with the Tasmanian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Hobart. As of July 2007, the registration fee was AUS$137.50.

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