Dungeon Barbie

Dungeon Barbie was an adult doll produced by German-born, Gateshead-based artist Susanne Pitt, using the head of Mattel's Superstar Barbie attached to a doll with large breasts, and dressed in BDSM fetish clothing which she described as "'Lederhosen-style' Bavarian bondage dress and a helmet in rubber with a PVC-mask and a waspie". She publicised the doll on a website, which she closed down when she was sued by Mattel over copyright infringement.

In July, 2002, Judge Laura Taylor Swain refused an injunction against Ms. Pitt in the Southern District of New York court, saying: "To the court's knowledge, there is no Mattel line of S&M Barbie."

In November that year, she ruled that Mattel could sue, but was unlikely to prevail.

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