Edible underwear

Edible underwear is a type of undergarment that are formed of an edible material which can be consumed by the partner during sexual activity. In this case, pleasure is heightened by undressing the partner with the mouth. However, this sort of underwear is often given as a gag to friends couples.

There is edible underwear for men as well as for women. It is frequently manufactured of gelatin, which has added flavoring and food coloring. The material is often described as similar to a fruit snack. Furthermore, some underwear are created with sugar beads, and resemble strings of a candy necklace.

Caution with sugar

As sugar is a favourite food of yeast, it is advisable to avoid contact between sugar and the vagina, or the woman may risk a yeast infection. When edible underwear will be touching the vagina, care should therefore be taken to ensure it does not contain sugars.

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