Elena Berkova

|location= Nikolayev, Ukraine |death= |birthname= |measurements= 90/62/89 |height= 158 cm |weight= |eye color= brown |hair color= brunette |natural bust= |orientation= bisexual |ethnicity= Ukranian |alias= Velvet Angel, Penelope, Jewel |homepage= blogs.mail.ru/mail/bercova |iafd= ElenaBerkova |egafd= e0342 |imdb= |afdb= |afdb name= |eurobabeindex= eleberk }} Elena Sergeyevna Berkova (born on April 1 1985, in Nikolayev, Ukraine) is a Russian model, singer, actress and pornographic actress. She started modelling in her teen years and in 2002 she worked with the Norwegian erotic photographer Petter Hegre. After she moved to St. Petersburg, in 2003, she made her hardcore debut for a Russian "defloration" website. Then she performed in an anal U.S. production.

In 2004, she joined the popular show Dom-2 on TV channel TNT and her porn career was soon made public. Berkova became a celebrity and she benefited with a Russian porn film, which had a title that reflected the curiosity and ambitions of male viewers: Dom-2 or How to make love with Elena Berkova. This film immediately became the best-selling hardcore video in Russia. She gained so much popularity that her later porn films (all of them US productions) were released in Russia bearing titles named after her.

In August 2005 Berkova was cast in a controversial Russian porn movie Yulia directed by Alexei Mitrofanov, member of Duma (Russian parliament). The film is a parody the relationship between Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. However she refused the lead role.

Lately Elena Berkova appeared as a singer in a pop music girl group Min net!.

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