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Elise Sutton is the author of a website dedicated to personal relationships where the woman is dominant and the man is submissive. She is a self proclaimed Libertarian, Christian, and Female Supremacist. In addition to her website, Sutton has written and published two books, Female Domination (2003) and The FemDom Experience (2006).

It should be pointed out that Sutton refuses to make her true identity known, perhaps for privacy reasons, however her anonymity raises the question to whether it is a single individual that runs her site and writes her books.

Her admirers claim that she brings a practical approach and a reality based perspective to what is often a misunderstood sexuality. Sutton is known for encouraging loving and caring relationships where the woman is the dominant partner. She advocates Loving Female Authority where the man submits to the woman's authority and the woman rules her male partner with love and respect.

Her critics claim that Sutton's arguments are based on misinterpretation of psychological, biological, and religious principles. Most of Sutton's cited evidence comes from anecdotal accounts as a counselor for BDSM couples and testimonials from those within the BDSM community.

Female Domination

In her book, Female Domination, Sutton examines the supposed male desire to be sexually dominated by a woman. She explores from a psychological perspective why men have submissive desires toward women, where these desires originate from, and how this male fantasy reflects any potential societal changes that may be influenced by this sexual desire in men. Sutton asserts that female domination is a large tent with many forms, expressions and lifestyles contained therein.

In Female Domination Sutton takes the reader into the personal and intimate lives of forty couples who practice different variations of the female domination lifestyle. Through the experiences of others, Sutton depicts how the female domination lifestyle can build a bond of intimacy, defuse arguments, relieve stress, transport sex to a higher level than just the physical, empower women in society, and inject excitement into the mundane tasks of life such as household chores.

At the beginning of the book, Sutton carefully explores her own unique experiences in this field and the psychology behind some men's desire to be controlled in the bedroom. The author examines the history of female domination and the masochistic desires in men, mostly from the mid-Eighteen Hundreds to the present.

She then goes on to show how modern-day couples use female domination within their own marriages, incorporating discipline, English corporal punishment, leather sex (BDSM), cross-dressing, orgasm denial, and even cuckolding.

Sutton points out that each couple is different and therefore must find what best works for them. The author also stresses that for any of this to work, there must be love, intimacy, communication, and trust between the man and woman.

The FemDom Experience

Sutton's second book, The FemDom Experience (2006) examines the Female Domination lifestyle by once again taking the reader into the personal relationships and sexual practices of everyday people who live astonishing secret lives.

The FemDom Experience is a collection of personal stories of people (past and present) who have observed, participated and encountered the female domination lifestyle, not as fantasy but as reality. Elise adds insight and commentary as she examines what constitutes a successful FemDom relationship.

The FemDom Experience is separated into three sections; the professional experience where a man submits to a Dominatrix; the relationship experience where a man submits to his wife or significant other; and the group experience where a man submits to an assemblage of women in a club or organization. The summation of the three sections is an absorbing journey into the real world of female domination as it is practiced in the United States and Europe.

Elise Sutton's Guide to Loving Female Authority

Elise Sutton began a website in 1997 called, "Elise Sutton's Female Supremacy Page". It was primarily a resource list of books and other sites dedicated to female domination. Later, Sutton added a couple of articles, "How To Introduce your Wife or Girlfriend to the Female Domination lifestyle" and "How to meet a Dominant Woman". Sutton also included her e-mail address and invited feedback. After growing tired of answering the same questions from different people in e-mails, she started a Q&A forum on her site where she could answer people's questions in an open forum (based on her experience and opinion). Over the years it has developed into a resource of over 300 entries covering a wide variety of D&S activities and alternative sexual practices. In addition to sexuality issues, Sutton gives social commentary to Feminist issues, politics, and even spirituality. According to Sutton, her e-mail box fills up with dozens of inquiries and questions every day.

In 1999, she changed the title of her site to "Elise Sutton's Female Superiority Site" to coincide with her new URL of www.femalesuperiority.com. Sutton wrote other articles for the site and she posted her "The Psychoanalysis of the submissive male" which was a series of questions that a wife or girlfriend could ask her male partner to better understand his desire for female domination. According to Sutton, many of the questions in "The Psychoanalysis" were the same questions she used when counseling a submissive client or a FemDom couple. Much like her Q&A forum, it became popular with a certain segment of the D&S community. Furthermore, some women who were originally turned off by the concept of BDSM, D&S and FemDom began to gain an understanding of the lifestyle and as a result, embraced the FemDom lifestyle and Female Supremacy philosophy.

In doing research for her book, Sutton began to invite couples to share their experiences. The result was a section on her site called "Real Life Experiences" which became as popular as her Q&A forum. Also in conjunction with her research for her book, Sutton began to post the many articles and links she found on the Internet that backed her belief that society is evolving from a patriarchal society toward a female dominated society. Sutton posted a wealth of material about the superiority of women in education, business and all aspects of society. She called this section "Mainstream Research on Female Supremacy and Societal Evolution" and it currently has over 100 articles.

In the Fall of 2003 when her book was finally published, Sutton once again changed the name of her site, this time to "Elise Sutton's Guide to Loving Female Authority". The term Loving Female Authority emerged as the preferred classification of the FemDom lifestyle among the female population who frequented Sutton's site.

Sutton has other sites and URLs such as www.elisesutton.com and www.femalesupremacy.info. Her articles and parts of her main site have been translated into a number of different languages including Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and French.

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