Emmanuelle 4

Emmanuelle 4 is the fourth official theatrical feature film in the Emmanuelle franchise. Sylvia Kristel returns in this strange blend of sci-fi and erotic romance, playing herself, and handing over the role of Emmanuelle to Mia Nygren.

The original French version of the film was shot and released in ArriVision 3-D, but new scenes were shot for the US version in StereoVision 3-D and composited into the American print.

Emmanuelle 4 was the first in the series to experiment with hardcore explicit scenes, although none made it to any final version of the film. These scenes appear in truncated form in the film, with no actual penetration shown.

Released in 1984. Shot in English, dubbed into French, Spanish, Polish, Italian. Filmed in France and Brazil. Soundtrack by Michel Magne.


Sylvia (Sylvia Kristel) is involved in a tormented love affair with Marc. She has tried to end their love, and escape, but always ends up back with him. After an encounter at a Los Angeles party, she decides she's had enough - she will go to Brazil and get extensive plastic surgery. This way he will never recognize her again, much less find her. And it will make for a great article which she promises to hand in to a California newspaper.

Sylvia goes through with it, and becomes a new woman named Emmanuelle; she is now a twenty year old virgin. She plans to take on all of Brazil in a series of sexual escapades that will purge her past. Or will it? Because Marc just happens to be in Rio as well...

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