English Collective of Prostitutes

The English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP) is a labour organisation representing prostitutes in England. The organisation campaigns for the full decriminalisation of prostitution in the United Kingdom (at present, prostitution is not technically illegal in the UK, although numerous activities surrounding it are illegal). They also campaign for "human, legal, and civil rights for prostitute women."

Campaign platform

The group's spokesperson, Cari Mitchell, has been outspoken in advocating the legalisation of prostitution as well as better provision for the safety of prostitutes, identifying "many of the daily realities women face" such as "the horror of being separated from your children by imprisonment, being driven from premises (where it is ten times safer to work) by police and immigration raids; unremitting rape and other violence." The group has organised a "Safety First" petition to "decriminalise sex work and prioritise all women's and children's safety"

Political Position

The ECP represent a stand against anti-pornography feminists. As they say if pornography is central to women's oppression where does that leave women who work in the sex industry? Are they the lowest of the low? The ECP attempts to give a voice to such women. There statement may be found here:-

Local issues

The ECP has been involved in local campaigns aimed at making life safer for prostitutes following incidents in certain areas. For example:


The Ipswich Murders of 2006 in which all the victims are alleged to have been prostitutes.


Reading Borough Council and the Thames Valley Police have been targeting prostitutes working in the Oxford Road area of Reading, Berkshire for several years

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