Erik Schinegger

Erik Schinegger (born 19 June 1948) is an Austrian skier. He was the world champion women's downhill skier in 1966, at which time he was recognized as female and known as Erika Schinegger.

Schinegger was born in Agsdorf, Carinthia. In 1967, preparing for the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, a medical test by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) determined that Schinegger was chromosomally male, and disqualified him. Born intersexed, he had been raised as a girl and was surprised at the news. The case prompted the IOC to require chromosomal testing of all athletes.

Schinegger decided to live as a man and transitioned, undergoing medical treatment and changing his name to Erik. He married and became father of a daughter, Claire.

Together with Marco Schenz, Schinegger published an autobiography in 1988 titled Mein Sieg über mich. Der Mann, der Weltmeisterin wurde ("My Victory over Myself: The Man Who Became a Female World Champion"), which was translated into French. He was also the subject of a 2005 documentary film by Kurt Mayer called Erik(A), with music by Olga Neuwirth.

Erik Schinegger currently lives in the place of his birth and owns a children's ski school.

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