Facial (sex act)

In a sexual context, a facial (also known as a facial cumshot) is the slang term for the sexual activity in which one person directs an ejaculation onto the face of another person, often following oral sex, intercourse, or other stimulation.

Role in personal grooming

Semen has long been used as a natural skin cream (with varying results), having been "once famously advised" by Cosmopolitan founder Helen Gurley Brown among others.

Role in pornography

In pornography, the facial is a common and accepted convention used to end a scene (also known as a "money shot"). The facial has now taken, to a great extent, the place of the "money shot" that usually targeted the abdomen or on the back after "doggy style" sex. Various pornographic video series (particularly in the fellatio genre) and various websites are dedicated to and centered purely on facials. An "open mouth facial", where the partner receives some or all of the semen in their mouth, is particularly prevalent, with recipients at times swallowing the semen as the final act of eroticism. Some viewers of pornography find the facial to be the most satisfying, arousing, erotic and exciting portion of the film. Accordingly, many seasoned porn viewers specifically fast-forward to this portion of the film. In newer DVDs, where scenes are broken up into parts, often the final break of the scene is the facial cumshot. Facials targeting open eyes ("eye cumshot") have given way to a new pornographic niche. A facial can follow any sexual activity, including masturbation. Bukkake is a related practice, where multiple men ejaculate onto one person.

Sex magick

Some practitioners of sex magick will use the patterning of semen on the receiving partner's face in divination rituals akin to the "reading" of tea leaves or the entrails of sacrificial animals. Such ritual semenancy has been documented as early as 1900 BCE in ancient Mesopotamia.

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