Felching is a sexual practice in which semen or other fluids are sucked out of the vagina or anus of a partner. The act of an individual sucking the semen and then passing it, mouth to mouth, is referred to as "snowballing". Nesh Sucking of the anus is equivalent to a felch but with the use of a straw or tube like device.

Felching can also mean the licking or sucking of another person's anus, similar to the act of a rimjob.

Cultural references

The earliest appearance of the word appears to have been in the work of Zap Comix underground cartoonists, Robert Crumb, Rick Griffin, Victor Moscoso, S. Clay Wilson, "Spain" Rodriguez, Robert Williams in 1975. The Zap collective published two sexually themed comic books, Snatch and Jiz and decided to continue pushing the envelope by publishing a book named Felch . According to Williams:

Crumbo's sincere contribution was a parody of an editorial cartoons featuring "John Q. Public" felching "Mother Nature/Lady Liberty" after she has had anal sex with a Pravda-style "rich man". Williams produced a felching themed solo work in 1975 titled The Nectar of Satan.

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