Fiesta (magazine)

Fiesta magazine is a British soft-core pornographic magazine, published by Galaxy Publications. It is a sister publication of Knave.

Launched in 1966, Fiesta quickly became Britain's top selling adult magazine. Dubbed 'the magazine for men which women love to read,' the monthly magazine's readers were responsible, in the early 1970's, for creating a phenomenon which has been adopted in magazines worldwide: readers' wives. This bright and gaudy, soft core glamour magazine has generally featured girl-next-door type models and has an earthy humour which has been compared to that of a British seaside postcard.

As well as its Readers' Wives and photographic girl sets, Fiesta is built around a core of real readers' letters from men and women. The mix is spiced by male-interest features, cartoons and reviews, sexy puzzles and a regular erotic horoscope, together with Firkin, a two-page underground-style strip drawn by Hunt Emerson and written by Tym Manley.

The magazine is mentioned in several Macc Lads songs, such as Chester Zoo, with the line "Knobby made a mess on Fiesta" A reference to Uncle Knobby's sexual habbits.

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