Financial Domination

Financial Domination also known as Money Slavery involves a submissive (usually a male) who becomes a financial servant to another person. (Usually a female). A submissive in such a relationship is sometimes called a "money slave" pay piggie or "paypet".

The servant then transfers money he has made and sends gifts to the Mistress, who may refer to themselves as a Money Domme, Financial Dominant, Fin Dom, Money Collector etc. In return, The Financial Dominant may give attention and talk with him about how what they're doing is benefiting her in her life or just things in general however many enjoy the dynamic that he is just there to give her money therefore there should be no definitive assumption made that the servant wants something in return. The Fin Dom also may give some verbal mockery and humiliation in return. Their are many other methods that the dynamic can be practiced.

Financial Domination usually begins with an online relationship but real life is entirely possible. A good example of a financial domination website is Financial domination is a very narrow niche in the world of fetishisms and more often than not leads to total financial ruin.

One movie in which financial domination played a central role is the classic 1954 film The Egyptian starring Edmund Purdom, Jean Simmons and Victor Mature. In the film, the character played by Purdom is initially ruined financially by his obsession with a beautiful Egyptian woman (Bella Darvi) who he showers with gifts and other tributes until he has given her all that he has or owns.

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