Fire play

Fire play is a type of BDSM play that involves lighting 50% to 70% rubbing alcohol or other flammable substances on or very close to the skin. Fire play is often considered a form of edge play and can be very exciting but can also be very dangerous scene.

If done correctly, fire play can leave few, if any, marks on the skin. On the other hand, if so intended, it can permanently brand the skin of the bottom. A brand can also be applied by repeated applications to the same area of the body.


Typical fire play scenes often include using some form of flammable material on or near the skin. Other than rubbing alcohol, materials used may include flash cotton, votive candles, or even hot parafin (not bees wax). Small torches, cotton balls, batons, and cotton swabs are typically used to apply the material and also to ignite it. Some materials burn at a higher temperature than others.


In this method fire batons are used. Single or two-headed batons may be applied.

Fire cupping

Fire cupping is said to have predated traditional needle acupuncture and cupping sets can be found in some Asian stores. Fire cupping works by heating the air in a cup and then placing it upon the skin. A vacuum is created, and the skin is partially pulled into the cup.

Methods include:

Fire cupping typically leaves small, round marks on the body that may last for days. If a single area is cupped again and again, a deep bruise may form and not disappear for some time.


Streaking is the process of applying the alcohol to the skin, usually in long strips or various designs, and then setting it on fire. The Top's free hand then follows in the wake of the flame, extinguishing the flame. The amount of delay from the fire to the extinguishing of the flame varies depending upon the material being set on fire, the goal of the scene, or the bottom's tolerance to pain and/or heat. While lit torches and fire batons are typically used it is not that unusual to see the same method being used with the violet wand.

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