Frot (French frotter, to rub) is male-male non-penetrative sex, where male partners engage in the rubbing of erect penis on erect penis, typically while in full-frontal embrace. Various other sexual positions for frot are of course possible. Frot can be pleasurable because it mutually stimulates each partner's penis, especially the frenulum nerve bundle under the glans.

The term frot specifies mutual male-male genital sex, as opposed to various methods of frottage, but is sometimes used colloquially to mean frottage (and vice-versa), nevertheless. The term frictation can refer to the wider meaning of frottage

Since frot is a non-penetrative sex act, the risk of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV , that require direct contact between the mucous membranes and pre-ejaculate, or ejaculate, is minimized. Frot does, however, carry the risk of herpes, molluscum contagiosum, genital warts, crabs, or other STIs passed by simple contact. Unlubricated frot can cause pain and injury to the tender surface of the glans.


Origins of the term frot

The physical act of frot preexists the evolution of hominids into humans and bonobos, and occurs frequently in the homosexual activity of both of these genetically related species.

Nevertheless, the concept of frot did not come into existence until very recently, when Bill Weintraub coined the term frot in 2000 in his article, "Frot: The Next Sexual Revolution", which calls on gay men to adopt frot sexuality and reject the "cultural deathgrip" of anal sexuality.

"This growing movement of men into frot who disown anal sex is not simply a matter of sexual taste. It goes farther than that, for it's a rejection of the overly and unhealthily feminized self-image of gay men that has dominated our lives for generations. It is like other masculinist impulses among the gay masses, a manifestation of the collective unconscious correcting a psychic phenomenon that has lingered too long in one direction. So it's no accident that men into frot reject almost every aspect of the anal sex worldview, embracing equality and masculinity as the essence of a gay male sexual experience, and often, though not always, seeking involvement in such traditional male contact sports as wrestling and boxing".

Thus, the concept of frot emerged in a context of a debate within the gay male community, about the role of anal sex in gay culture. Usage of the term frot may still connote hostility to anal sexuality. Nevertheless, the term frot no longer requires the assumption of hostility to anal sex.


Before frot came into use as the technical term for this act, the available alternatives included frictation (though fricate can refer to any genital friction, including frottage, coitus and masturbation), and frontism.

Genito-genital rubbing or GG rubbing is a term frequently used by primatologists to describe tribadism among bonobo females. It is sometimes used in reference to bonobo males with the colorful term "penis fencing".

Genito-genital sex or genital-genital sex is a physically descriptive term for sex in which there is contact between the genitals, in the same naming convention as "genital-anal sex" and "genital-oral sex".

Usage in gay and mainstream culture

Slang terms for frot include "cock rub", "bumping dicks", "knocking cocks", "Oxford style", "Princeton rub", and "Ivy League rub".

Usage in non-human animals

The homosexual activities of bonobos are of special interest because of their genetic closeness to humans, however despite their genetic similarity bonobo sexuality has been described as "not driven by orgasm or seeking release. Nor is it often reproductively driven. Sex for a bonobo is casual, it's quick". Among bonobos, frot frequently occurs when two males hang from a tree limb and engage in penis fencing. Frot also occurs while two males are in missionary position. A special form of frot called "rump rubbing" in which males stand back to back on all fours and rub their genito-anal regions together.

Frot has been observed between bull manatees, in conjunction with "kissing". Bottlenose dolphins have been observed rubbing their genitals against the genital area of other males often leading to the penetration of the genital slit, or less commonly the anus. Other forms of frot are also common among homosexually active mammals. Most species of bird do not possess a penis; for those animals, the distinction between penetrative and non-penetrative sex does not exist, though mounting and insemination are common aspects of avian homosexuality even when a phallic organ is not present.

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