Gender-blind (or unisex) is a term describing activities undertaken and services provided without regard to the gender of those who participate.

Choice of words

Unisex is an older term, and a misnomer meaning "one sex". Some feel it carries the connotation of being duo-sex, (which would mean two at the same time) and many being afraid to use the more appropriate term, bisex, because of the sexual connotations. Whereas, gender-blind goes against most tenets of heteronormativity, by not looking at gender at all.

The National Student Genderblind Campaign

In 2006 the National Student Genderblind Campaign was created as a collaborative grass-roots organization intended to educate college students, administrators, and others throughout the country. The NSGC advocates for the implementation of gender-inclusive dorm room and bathroom options.

The goal of the gender-blind dorm policy campaign is to allow roommates to be assigned without regard to any person's sex. The backers of the proposal claim it would allow transgender people and people who do not accept gender labels to live in more comfortable settings than may otherwise be possible in single-sex housing. They also claim it is a good policy for heterosexuals who otherwise couldn't live with their partners while at the university.

In December 2006, the National Student Genderblind Campaign found itself in national controversy after receiving what it claimed to be biased and negligent coverage by Boston's Fox 25 News. The controversy triggered a formal press statement released nationally and an appearance on Fox News Channel's "Heartland" show with John Kasich on December 16, 2006.

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