Genital jewellery

Genital jewellery (jewelry in American English), also known as sex jewellery and adult jewellery, is jewellery which is designed specifically for wear on or to accentuate the genitals. In a wider sense also nipple rings and some butt-plugs may be called genital jewellery.

Genital jewellery includes cock rings and vaginal jewellery as well as anal piercings. These items often blur the line between jewellery and sex toys. Genital jewellery is available for men and women and some models may be worn by both genders. While some genital piercings have been around since at least Victorian times (e.g. Prince Albert piercing jewellery), a recent increase in popularity and social acceptance has resulted in the fusion between function and fashion that is sex jewellery.

Wearing genital jewellery in nudist resorts may sometimes be considered inappropriate because it is overtly sexual(See Issues in social nudity).

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