George Weinberg (psychologist)

George Weinberg is an American clinical psychologist, gay activist, writer and columnist.


George Weinberg is perhaps best known for his ties to the LGBT community. He regularly attends the Gay Activists Alliance. He has been credited for coining the word "homophobia," derived from Greek words meaning "the same" and "fear", and originally meaning the irrational fear of being in physical proximity to a homosexual person. This new word first appeared in book form in 1972 in his work Society and the Healthy Homosexual.

Weinberg has written twelve books, including Statistics:An Intuitive Approach (a textbook), Self Creation (a self-help book), two books about William Shakespeare, and, most recently, ''Why Men Won't Commit''.

He was a consultant for TV Guide, and wrote for

The Dr. Keith Ablow Show in 2006.


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