Girlfriend experience

The "girlfriend experience" (commonly known as GFE) is a type of service a female prostitute offers which includes acting like a girlfriend to the client.

This generally involves more intimate relations than a traditional call girl offers, and may include kissing and/or french kissing, cuddling, and foreplay. By contrast, many prostitutes refrain from kissing for fear of contracting herpes or because they see it as a more emotionally intimate activity than sexual intercourse without kissing. A call girl advertising provision of a "girlfriend experience" is implying that she kisses, provides a more enjoyable "full service" (intercourse) experience without protection, and does not necessarily as strictly limit her service by time and/or ejaculation as many prostitutes do. Advertising a "girlfriend experience" is sometimes used by prostitutes and pimps to promote business.

A corresponding term (used to describe a client who acts as a lover instead of merely a participant in a commercial transaction) is "BFE" or "boyfriend experience".

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