Grounds for divorce

Grounds for Divorce is also a single by Elbow and a song by Wolf Parade

The Grounds for divorce are set regulations in each state that specify under what circumstances can one party be granted a divorce. In almost a dozen states, the couples must live apart for several months before being granted a divorce.

Types of divorce

No fault

The most common type of divorce is a no-fault divorce, in which the couple agrees that they simply just do not like the arrangement of being married for some reason or another and a divorce is granted to both parties.


A fault divorce is a divorce that takes place on the grounds that one party can be considered at fault. Many reasons can be given for one party to receive a fault divorce, such as adultery by the other party, an inability by the other party to engage in sexual intercourse, or infertility of the other party that was not discussed beforehand, or one party being imprisoned for a certain length of time.

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