Hadaka apron

Hadaka apron, from the Japanese word hadaka, meaning nude, and the English word apron, is the word for a small niche clothing fetish. "Hadaka apron" is used to refer to an individual, typically a woman, wearing an apron over their otherwise nude or minimally clothed body.

The epitome of the "teaser shot", hadaka apron is extremely popular on Japanese CG artwork websites as a theme, especially for sites which attempt to titillate without being explicitly adult. It is also reported to be very popular in Japan amongst newlyweds as a form of foreplay, and was the subject of several pin up images from the United States in the 1950s.

The popularity of this fetish originates from a segment of the late night Japanese television show Gilgamesh Night, in which AV ("adult video"—the Japanese term for direct-to-video pornography) actress Yuki Hitomi would cook while wearing only an apron.

Naked aprons are also featured on the 2003 series Barely Cooking, seen on Citytv. It is a mostly standard cooking show, with a male and female host demonstrating simple recipes while wearing large aprons that cover everything except the buttocks. This was also in the anime He is my Master twice: once in Episode 3 where during the contest between Izumi and Anna, Yoshitaka asks for a hadaka apron during the cooking challenge, resulting in Anna being the only volunteer and automatically getting 50 points, and the other in Episode 6 where Yoshitaka imagined Anna and Izumi in hadaka apron.

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