Hildegart Rodríguez Carballeira

Hildegart Rodríguez Carballeira (Madrid, December 9, 1914, gest. June 9, 1933 in Madrid) was an activist for the socialism and sexual revolution, born and raised by her mother as a model for the woman of the future. She spoke 6 languages when eight years old, finished Law School at 17 and was a leader of the Socialist Party and afterwards of the Federal Party. By the time she became internationally known, her mother shot her to death.


Hildegart was conceived in Ferrol by Aurora Rodríguez Carballeira and an undisclosed biological father chosen by her mother with eugenesical intentions. When she was sure she was pregnant, she moved to Madrid, where Hildegart was born. Aurora set a clock to wake her up every hour so that she changed position and blood irrigated the foetus uniformally.

Her birth certificate and baptism act says: Hildegart Leocadia Georgina Hermenegilda Maria del Pilar Rodriguez Carballeira, but he only used her first name. In spite of Aurora's atheism and opposition to birth registration, she baptised (late) the girl on 23 March and registered on 29 April. Her mother used to explain that Hildegart meant "Garden of Wisdom" in German, but there's no basis to that, the name was either an invention or the misspelled German name Hildegard (Heroic virgin, who gives shelter in war).

According to later research by Rosa Cal, her father was a brilliant military chaplain, Alberto Payás.

The Sex Revolution

Hildegart was one of the most active people in the Spanish movement for sex reformation. She was connected to the European vanguard, corresponding with Havelock Ellis, whom she translated, and Margaret Sanger. In the foundation of the Spanish League for the Sexual Reform, presided by Dr Gregorio Marañón, she was chosen secretary without opposition. She had correspondence with many other European personalities, accompanying Herbert George Wells in his visit to Madrid, but rejecting his offer to go to London as his secretary. This offer by Wells, who wanted her to develop fully out of the influence of her mother, furthered the persecution ideas of Aurora.


There were several hypotheses about the cause of the murder. Hildegart may have fallen in love. She intended to separate from her mother who, out of paranoia, threatened suicide. Aurora's explanation was that "the sculptor, after discovering a minimal imperfection in his work, destroys it". She shot three shots in the head and one in the heart.

After death

Rightists considered Aurora a murderer, while leftists considered her a mad woman. She was sentenced to 26 years, but was later transferred to the madhouse of Ciempozuelos, Madrid, where she died.



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