Hollywood marriage

A Hollywood marriage originally meant a marriage between Hollywood celebrities. However, the term has grown to also have strong connotations of a marriage that is of short duration and quickly ends in separation or divorce, that is, a marriage that is the exact opposite of a fairy tale marriage.

More sympathetic views of Hollywood marriages emphasize that overexposure from intense media coverage, paparazzi shadowing, and the demanding schedules of fast-moving careers put unusual stress on such marriages. Rates of separation or divorce may also seem to be higher than they actually are due to the heavy publicity given to such events, simply because they involve celebrities. More negative views of Hollywood marriages attribute high divorce rates to the usage of weddings as publicity stunts and high rates of infidelity or promiscuity.

Perhaps the celebrity most associated with Hollywood marriage is Elizabeth Taylor, who was married eight times to seven husbands (not all were celebrites before she married them).

Famous cases of short-term Hollywood marriages:

Hollywood marriages of a longer duration which eventually ended in divorce:

Current long-term Hollywood marriages that have not ended in divorce:

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