Janey Robbins

Janey Robbins was an American pornographic actress.

After a short stint as a nude model, she starred from 1981 until 1985 in about 50 adult movies. Janey was described by Ron Jeremy as his favorite actress to work with. Janey was known for her frequent anal sex scenes at a time when they were still unusual, deep throat oral sex, and a fondness for working with other women.

Toward the end of her porn career Janey had her breasts augmented to about a D-cup and had her nipples and labia pierced. She sometimes appeared in her movies with a chain connecting all three of her piercings. Janey also had her pubic hair completely shaved frequently, several years before the practice became either common or even standard grooming practice for most American porn actresses.

While at the time she was considered to be on the edge with her anal practices, piercings, tattoos and pubic shaving, such things would become common within a decade.

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