Jasper Duncombe

Jasper Orlando Slingsby Duncombe (born 14 March 1968) is a British director of pornographic films.

Duncombe is the eldest son of the 6th Baron Feversham and was educated at Gordonstoun. With his childhood friend, Harry Colquhoun, he manages the "high class erotica" company they both founded, Relish XXX. The company also supplies films for sperm banks and his other company, Tongue In Cheek, supplies and installs pornographic vending machines in public houses.

Although Duncombe believes he will be disinherited from the family's 35-million estate of Duncombe Park, he will eventually succeed to his father's barony (providing his father predeceases him).

Jasper served a prison sentence after an attempted robbery on a CCTV shop while under the influence of cocaine. He got a reduced sentence after claiming depression due to his mother's death 20 years previously.


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