Kandi Barbour

Kandi Barbour is a former American adult model, porn star and exotic dancer.


Barbour was discovered by photographer Diana Hardy in the 1970s, and was featured in many men's magazines through 1975. That year, she performed in her first pornographic film. After appearing in 35 films, she retired from pornography in 1994 (imdb). As of 2007, two different companies have released compilations of her earlier loop films, indicating ongoing interest in her work over 30 years since her departure from the adult industry.

Notable films featuring Barbour include Sex Boat, The Budding of Brie, Young, Wild and Wonderful, and Sizzle.

Modern Compilations

Like many other Golden Age stars, DVD compilations from a variety of companies have been produced from her 8mm loop work as well as clips from movies not currently available in that format. One, illustrated here, uses clips from Kate and the Indians and California Gigilo; another marketed by a different company uses loops as the main content. Additionally, Blue Vanities has several of her loops on VHS tapes. As with many adult stars, there are unlicensed compilation DVDs available through various auction sites as well.

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