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Kostas Gousgounis (born 1931 in Larissa, Greece) is a legendary figure of 1970s and 1980s Greek pornography, although a few of his films were in the genre of hardcore pornography.

Gousgounis (or Gouzgounis) is considered the foremost male figure of 1970s Greek pornography and the best known of 1980s along with Paulos Karanikolas. He has appeared in cult classics such as O Idonoblepsias (The Peeping Tom) and Sklavos (Slave). A retired pornographer for a long time, in 1996 he appeared in the award-winning Nikolas Triantafyllidis film Radio Moscow to be followed by The Overcoat (1997) and Mavro Gala (Black Milk, 2000). He has also made a guest appearance in the popular Greek comedy series Tis Elados Ta Pedia (Greece's Boys). Gousgounis was the honored person in the 3rd Festival of Cult Greek Cinema which took place on Valentine's Day, Monday February 14, 2005.


Gousgounis is a legend of Greek Porn. He has played the protagonist in many movies during the 70s, 80s and 90s. The special characteristic of his movies is that they combine sexual entertainment with humour, which is one of the reasons of his popularity. Many people consider him as the most important and historical personality in the Greek porn scene. In Greek every-day language, Gousgounis is used as a euphemism for "a male who has lots of sex". An actor not to be counted as a handsome stud with his bald head and big ears, which give him a Telly Savalas-meets-Yoda look, he has influenced Greek porn sub-culture deeply in gender roles with his sexual performance, and in slang with his popular dialogue in porn flicks.

Although he became famous as a porn star, he was a decent actor too. Last moment he lost the role of the Turk prison's guard in Midnight Express, and he starred in Kazantzakis' Christ Recrucified Greek TV serial, astonishing audience and critics. His most famous catch phrase is ????? ?????????? (Bend over, blessed (woman)). The phrase is also the title of a classic 1984 porn movie by Nasos Spiris. It has to be noted that, contrary to popular belief, he does not act in the movie.

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