KSEX, also known as, KSEXradio, is an online radio station which discusses topics on sex and pornography, and is one of the only adult Internet radio stations specializing in news and current events in the United States pornography industry.Originally run out of a garage in the San Diego area, it was purchased by a group that used to own the CyberSynergism affiliate program and content provider. It was managed by voice actor and radio personality Wayne C. Lewis, who uses the on-air name Wankus (who was later made part owner), a name he used also in mainstream when he played the part of in the Fox hit, .

KSEX includes a variety of radio programs hosted by various "PJs", mostly established porn stars. One notable PJ is porn actress Sunset Thomas. KSEXradio was recently purchased by Ultimate Entertainment Group (UEG). As of February 4, 2008, KSEX has shut down permanently.

Past Hosts

Other station personalities include behind the scenes technicians, Soxxx and Mudshark.

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