List of topics in sexual ethics

This is a list of topics on sexual ethics. See ethics, sex, and sexual ethics for an overview.

General Topics in Sexual Ethics

Much of sexual ethics explores the obligatoriness, permissibility, or forbiddenness of the activities that follow.

Statistics on Sex

Often, data about actual human populations is consulted, in order to find out about statistic normalities and deviations in those populations. Such data is often considered useful for making moral judgments about how the average person can be expected, obligated, permitted, and forbidden to act sexually.

Research on such statistics are carried out by the likes of the Alfred Kinsey Institute. Also see such topics as History of Human Sexuality and Sexual Revolution.

Love and Sex

Prominent in dialogue about sexual ethics are definitions of various types of love. These philosophical discussions aim at finding norms for how various types of love ought to correlate (e.g., whether romance must necessarily include friendship), and norms about which, if any, of these types of love ought to be present as a proper context for sex.

Religion and Sex

The interplay of religion and ethics in general is a vast topic for ethical philosophers, religionists and theologians, and people in general when a source for moral guidelines about sex are desired. There are vast differences in religious views on sex, but there also might be a surprising amount of agreement on sexual ethics among various religions. Very many religious views, sects and persuasions could have articles that intersect with virtually every topic listed above. Here are some:

Books on Sexual Ethics

Primoratz, Igor. Ethics and Sex. New York: Routledge, 1999.

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