Liu Dalin

Liu Dalin, also sometimes Dalin Liu or Ta-lin Liu, (born c. 1932) is a retired professor of sociology at Shanghai University who pioneered the field of sexology in China.

From 1989-1990, he helped conduct a nation-wide survey on sexual behavior and attitudes in China, not unlike the Kinsey Report in the United States. A report on the survey's outcomes was first published in 1992 in Shanghai; in 1997 Liu published the English edition Sexual Behavior in Modern China (ISBN 0-8264-0886-9). Also in 1997, he opened China's first sex museum in Shanghai; it has since moved to Tong Li, Suzhou.

Liu won the Magnus Hirschfeld Medal for his research in sexology in 1994. Liu published several books on the history of erotica in China:

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